TB+ WSDR GUI Versions TOP-BAND+ WebSDR - GUI Version History


5382- 14/08/2019 - random listener Id's (now with Zulu login time) replace IP's on listeners tab - display added to listeners tab to show clicked bubble id, frequency & mode -

400 - carried over from series 3xx on old server
401 - new tune-bar/passband drag shading added
402 - tune-bar extended to full height of waterfall, adjusts self to all waterfall heights
403 - option to turn off long tune-bar
404 - shading gradient added to long tune bar to improve contrast. short bar and passbad drag shading lighter
405 - ***broken - attempt to implement a single barheight toggle button***
406 - last used display height is remembered in cookie, display height button shading auto updated
407 - last used tune-bar setting (on or off) is remembered in cookie,
both tune-bar buttons shading auto updated - extra click sometimes neede to update bar
408 - shaded tunebar replaced with bandwidth responsive bar edges - BUG!!; extra click sometimes needed to update bar shading
409 - BUG FIX; extra-click bug fixed by re-located tallbar calls (no longer uses passband mouseup)
410 - s-meter scale - dull smeter.png scale obsured by new brighter digits. BUG FIX (Historical); digital indicators no longer jitter the dB text
411 - coloured digital S and uV indicators added, digits larger & repositioned - BUG FIX; VFO freq's border now ios compatible
412 - digital S and uV indicators now coloured, larger & repositioned - BUG FIX; VFO panel spacings now ios compatible
413 - NOISE METRICS ADDED TO S-METER PANEL - on by default, click smeter display to turn off/click S-Meter heading to turn on
414 - SVG Icons introduced in log-in/stats panel - head,base & controls all affected - icon sources acknowledged
415 - VFO A & B waterfall flags introduced - click to swap, freq & mode on hover
416 - LIVE v4.16 - keyboard-command enable iconified - old checkbox hidden - new svg in websdr-head, controls new, base new
417 - as above but not live
*****************************END OF VERSION 4 - LINK PROVIDED IN V5 FOR LUDITES************************

500 - major overhall - s-meter now has s(t) digital reading, tabs added under control panels, controls rationalised & re-arranged
501 - icons to tab headings & zoom buttons,flags HTML optimised, Bw indication added to memcontents labels,
BUGS FIXED: Firefox intermittent freq boot error, no click action on A>N flag. more links added - new head,base & controls
510 - user selectable tuning step buttons added above display, 'erase all' memories button added to mems tab,
settings tab now includes old waterfall & sound indicators, plus display height & waterfall speed buttons
511 - Mike you owe me a pint :) - display height & waterfall speed buttons back in main control panel (as well as in settings tab)
520 - dx cluster support added; cluster tab, clickable waterfall spots, qrz.com lookups, cluster link, settings remembered. BUG!! erase all mems button broken by 520
521 - same as 520 but BUG FIXED: erase all mems button repaired
530 - DX spots listening history added. BUG!! spots on-off controls position incorrect on IOS
531 - long term history buttons - callsigns coloured dynamically. BUG FIXED: spots control buttons position on IOS now correct
532 - icon added to spots tab - white if spots off, cyan if spots on. BUG FIXED: spots-off msg sometimes uncleared - now ok
533 - effeciency improved - stopped occasional multiple fetches from API, multiple clicks of spots control buttons prevented
534 - improved contast on memories table, spots on/off and dynamic zoom indicator added to main display control panel, various efficiency improvements
535 - New additions to settings tab: switch for rounded/square display bezels & control panel borders, S-Meter & noise metrics on/off switch - settings retained for next visit. New additions to plot tab: signal & noise metrics from s-meter panel now duplicated in plot tab
536 - zoom indicator bugs fixed - indicator no longer corrupted when zooming on a non active band - active band zoom is recalled correctly after band change
537 - added buttons in settings tab for user to turn waterfall memory flags on/off - preference saved in cookie. donate facility added to navbars
538 - 28/07/2019 - 'listener bubbles' added to listeners tab - click to hear the stations others are listening to