G8HXT's TOP-BAND+ WebSDR v 1.00

WELCOME: This WebSDR is located in Hertfordshire and is operated by Paul - G8HXT
This is the original WebSDR GUI produced by PA3FWM at http://www.websdr.org

Registration for v 6.21 (my improved GUI) is now closed. Feel free to use v 1.00

Sysop Sale - Kenwood TM-V71E 2m/70cm 50W Transceiver - click for details

NOTE to ALL GUESTS - I have removed the 1 hour time limit on Guest connections until the Covid 19 restrictions are relaxed. Registered listeners will still have priority when the SDR is busy and Guests will be gradually disconnected to accomodate them.
I hope this will enable you to better enjoy the SDR during this difficult time. 73, Paul

NO SOUND?? - click HERE to see some possible solutions in another tab

It seems Java is not installed or disabled on your computer. You need to install and/or enable it for this website to work properly.
Since Java version 7u51, Java needs to be enabled separately for each website; see http://websdr.org/java.html for instructions.
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Allow keyboard:
j k ← →: freq down/up (+shift/ctrl/alt faster)
u l c a f: USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM
z Z: center/zoom waterfall
g: enter frequency

Frequency: kHz

or click/drag/scroll on frequency scale to tune

Bandwidth & Mode:
? kHz @ -6dB; ? kHz @ -60dB.
  or drag passband filter edges   /    \    on tuning scale above
Display Controls:
or drag/scroll on waterfall

? dB; peak ? dB;
mute squelch autonotch
Signal strength plot:

This WebSDR has ? user(s) connected:      compact view

The chatbox is read-only on V1