TOP-BAND+ WebSDR - Guidelines for Acceptable Use of this Site

Thanks for taking the time to read these guidelines. Experience has shown that most users are naturally courteous and do not abuse the facility. However, please read this and be warned; if you are unwilling to stick to these guidelines YOU WILL be BLOCKED. Where necessary, this includes blocking not just one IP, but an entire proxy to keep out a persistent offender.

(1) Chatbox - Guidelines for Acceptable Use

The chatbox is at the foot of the main page. Please always bear in mind the following before posting:

  (a) please no obscenities/inflammatory comments, advertisements, commercials or hyperlinks - these will get you blocked
  (b) civilised chat and witty banter amongst users is encouraged
  (c) constructive criticism & suggestions are always welcome
  (d) feel free to report bugs, but first, please check the list of known bugs

(2) ID - How to Select an Appropriate ID

Entering an ID is not compulsory but your IP is displayed in the list of connected users if you leave the ID blank.

The following are NOT appropriate forms of ID. You will be blocked if you use any of these as your ID:
  (a) non-breaking space codes in an attempt to hide. The sysop can see ALL IP's regardless of ID. Unfortunately, if you do this I will assume you're trying to hack around
  (b) a URL or email address - no links, commercials or advertisements please
  (c) obscenities and/or obscene accronyms - please keep your ID civil

(3) Connection Time Guidelines

There is no set connection time-limit but please be aware of the "Your Session" timer, "Listeners" counter and "Occupancy" indicator just above the waterfall.

We all know that "SDR time" goes much faster than real time so please keep an eye on "Your Session" timer which updates every minute while you're connected.

TOP-BAND+ WebSDR can accommodate up to 30 users simultaneously so please consider others who may wish to use the SDR - please observe the following:

  (a) you can connect using more than one tab if you wish, but please keep extra tabs to a minimum and close them when finished
  (b) regardless of occupancy - if you are not actively using the SDR please disconnect (close all tabs that are using this SDR)
  (c) when Occupancy: 50% or less - feel free to stay connected and occasionally check occupancy indicator
  (d) if Occupancy: 80% - please consider whether you really need to stay connected - disconnect if not
  (e) unlikely, but if you see Occupancy: "SDR FULL" - no-one else can connect, please restrict yourself to one tab and disconnect as soon as you can
  (f) Staying connected and inactive 24/7 will get you blocked - sorry, I don't have the bandwidth to support you